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Front Door Security Camera for Apartments

Brinno Duo — Front Door Peephole Security Camera

Innovative home and apartment front door security camera with app alerts, motion sensors, and door LED screen.

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Debussy Streaming Headphones

Debussy Audio — Connected Audiophile HD Headphones

Standalone 4G LTE and Wifi audiophile headphones with digital touchscreen for streaming music services control.

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FAA Airline Compliant Smart Suitcase

SkyValet — Airline and FAA Compliant Smart Luggage

A smarter suitcase you can actually fly with that includes removable battery, charging dock, Shark Wheels, and more.

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BodyRocks — Immersive Haptic Feedback Audio Wearable

Feel the music like you're athe concert with a unique auido wearable that delivers and immersive music experience.

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Rectangle Driver Planar Headphones for Studio

Helm Audio — Planar Magnet Studio Headphones

Studio quality headphones using Planar magnetic speaker technology with rectangle drivers for audiophile sound.

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Kickstarter Campaign for Fizzics DraftPour

Fizzics DraftPour — Better Beer with the Help of Science

The home draft system that uses ultra-sonic soundwaves to convert carbonation to denses micro-foam for better beer.

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Bezalel Prelude — Cord Free Portable Battery Charger

Attach the cord-free Prelude portable battery pack to use your phone while simultaneously charging.

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Laser Treatment to Prevent Hair Loss

ReGrow — Laser Hair Regrowth Home Treatment Helmet

Scientifically proven Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) technology regrows lost hair and prevents further hair loss at home.

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Yaasa Element — Energy Absorbing Wellness Blanket

Crafted from Icelandic kelp to neutralize airborne impurities and energy absorbing minerals to promote vasodilation.

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BW Space — Underwater ROV Drone by Youcan Robot

Anyone can capture stunning photo and video at depths of 100 meters with smart underwater drone technologies.

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Furbo — Interactive Treat Tossing Dog Camera

Working with veterinarians and dog trainers, Furbo is designed to train, comfort, and reward dogs when they're home alone.

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